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We LOVE TK Sports Camp & have attended for 4 years. After Peter attended his first year - Katherine could not WAIT to have finished Kindergarten - so that she would be old enough to attend. They have an amazing time every year & I do not need to worry about a thing. They are in fabulous hands; safe; and learning about SO many sports (even ones that I've never heard of). 

    - Denise Tomlin

TK Sports Camp is a big favorite of my boys (and many of their neighborhood pals). This will be their third year, and it is the one camp we don't have to convince them to join. It's #1 on their list!!

    - Isabelle Theresa Bisceglio

 You guys are the best - the only place my kids want to go this summer. Glad to see the specials on tuition! 

       - Renee Sirulnik

My son loves this camp and my other little boys can't wait until they are old enough to go! Chase says tons of fun it is AWESOME!!!

    - Susan Strawser

TK Sports Camp is great! My son had so much fun and learned valuable skills during his week of camp last summer. 

    - Carrie Lamke

My boys love attending TK Sports Camp! They are excited to go in the morning and exhausted by the time they come home raving about their day. Looking forward to another summer with you all!

    - Tana Smith

Mr. D is a the most energetic person I have ever met and he goes above and beyond to get his students excited about exercising! I highly recommend his camp!

- Rachelle Roth

My boys love this camp and ask to go every year! It is well run by experienced teachers who are amazing. I know they are in great hands everyday of camp. They love the sports and there is so much positive reinforcement and self-esteem building for the kids. I recommend highly!!

- Kerry Bowman

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